Photo by James Rexroad

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Tim Hoff – bass
Nick Parks – drums
Jason Rivera – vocals, guitar, lyrics

Gaytheist is a trio of fellas from Portland, OR started in 2011. They play fast, loud and heavy music. They have released four albums, the latest two (“Stealth Beats” & “Hold Me…But Not So Tight”) on Good To Die Records. They listen to Karp and Harkonen a lot. They have a wonderful music video for the song “Stomach Pains” directed by Whitey McConnaughy (Red Fang, Off!, Superchunk).





“Your mom, your daddy, and that one person you like from the grocery
store? They’re all gaytheists. Oh, and you are too for that matter.”
-Vice Magazine

“Armed with a rumbling low end, spasming drums, concrete slabs of
guitar and darkly hysterical lyrics expressing a general disdain for
humanity, the group has actually been cattle-prodding the underbelly
of the local music scene.”
-Willamette Week

“Jason Rivera might be the most sharply dressed man ever to front a
band capable of leveling a city block.”
-The Portland Mercury

“They are the musical version of Shark Week, a super predator hidden
by deceptively calm waters.” Guide

“Jesus, Gaytheist. You’ve rendered me speechless. From touching
lyrics, “Fuck sex, let’s dance and call it romance” to “They tied a
steak to his balls, then they fed him to the dogs” we have a rarity of
audible vocals yelling and telling over some of the most creative
shred I’ve ever heard out of Portland.”
-The Seattle Passive-Aggressive

“Quirky vocal theatrics and odd-ball lyrics (see “Post-Apocalyptic
Lawsuit”) that together sound like a heck of a lot of fun. Catch these
dudes at a Romney/Ryan rally near you!”
-Metal Sucks

“Jesus fuck a walrus, this band is amazing.”
-American Aftermath

“The reason this (Stealth Beats) owns so hard is that the rhythm
section never takes the pedal off the floor for a second, and the
production couldn’t be more retardedly crisp…The song “Post
Apocalyptic Lawsuit” should be a loud rock radio staple until the end
of time.”
-Redefine Magazine