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This morning Good to Die received a nice mention on The Stranger’s Line Out music blog courtesy of the always awesome Brian Cook. Sounds like a few people are as excited about the forthcoming Sandrider and Absolute Monarchs releases as we are — “…quite a one-two punch” as Cook put it and I’d be remissed if I didn’t agree 100%

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Here’s what Brian had to say:

Sandrider—the Seattle trio featuring Jon Weisnewski and Nat Damm of Akimbo and Jesse Roberts of The Ruby Doe/Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds—have slugged out their vicious and gnarled heavy rock around town for a few years now. And for a good chunk of their existences, they’ve sat on a Matt Bayles-produced 7-song EP. That’s a huge cock tease for anyone that’s seen the band live. I guess when a band is a side project of sorts, it takes a little longer to get the train rollin’ on little details like putting out records. But the word is out that Good To Die Records is set to release Sandrider’s debut later this year. And just when I was beginning to think the album was never gonna see the light of day…

Good To Die has certainly come out swingin’. The label announced their first release just last week: the debut album by agitated scuzz rockers Absolute Monarchs. That’s quite the one-two-punch. But I guess it’s about what we should expect from Seattle Rock Guy’s Nik Christofferson, the man behind Good To Die. Solid choices, Nik. And best of luck in your latest endeavor.

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