Good to Die Records signs Seattle band SANDRIDER, debut EP due out in 2011

June 21st, 2011

Seattle’s own SANDRIDER inks deal with Good to Die Records

Long-awaited debut EP to see the light of day in 2011

All you love about hardcore, metal and good old fashioned fun is harnessed and manipulated into a brutally drawn out and rolling release that is refreshing and familiar.” -Total Fest Blog

Hot on the heels of their signing of Absolute Monarchs, Good to Die Records – Seattle’s newest home for the finest in loud music – is ready to announce their next signing: SANDRIDER.

A collaborative effort between current Akimbo members Jon Weisnewski and Nat Damm, and Jesse Roberts of The Ruby Doe, Sandrider takes the neck-snapping hard rock that their other bands have perfected and manages to push that sound even further ahead

. Their live performances – a master’s class in energy and dynamics – have been inspiring and thrilling the fans of heavy music and the press of their home town (The Stranger has already called them “one of the best bands in [Seattle]”). And once their debut seven song EP is unleashed on an unsuspecting public by Good to Die, the word is going to spread fast about what this trio is capable of.

It hasn’t taken long for Sandrider to get noticed by the musical tastemakers of Seattle, just as it didn’t take them long to “click”, as Weisnewski remembers: “Originally it was just me and Nat playing around, but it didn’t really come together until we started talking to Jesse. I think we were bullshitting while he was tattooing me when I originally brought it up. He came down to the space and things clicked really well. After the first practice we were all pretty happy with how things were sounding.”

With Sandrider, Weisenewski and Roberts – who trade off vocals and songwriting duties – take their inspiration from the harder edged bands that dominated the alternative music scene in the ’90s: Mudhoney, Drive Like Jehu, and Melvins. With the punishing drums of Damm rounding out the attack, the band rips into speedy rock songs with their fangs bared. And they are daring enough to slow things down to a nice lava-like crawl, letting the melodic interplay between Weisenewski’s guitars and Roberts’ wandering bass lines bubble to the surface. It’s hard music that threatens to defy description by being so malleable, so brutal, and so damn listenable.

Sandrider is:

Jon Weisnewski – Guitar/Vocals
Jesse Roberts – Bass/Vocals
Nat Damm – Drums

About Good To Die Records:
Good to Die Records is a new venture by Nik Christofferson, the man behind the metal/hard rock blog Seattle Rock Guy. One of the loudest voices in support of the NW music scene, Christofferson has been expanding his influence through the many local shows he helps organize – including the recent Noise for the Needy benefit that featured Akimbo, Wildildlife, Smooth Sailing, Princess, and Vultures 2012 – and spinning metal and punk at local bars and clubs. Through Good to Die, Christofferson will be handpicking the best acts in the NW underground rock scene, with releases both large and small…on vinyl, of course.

For a preview of the Sandrider EP, check out:

Watch SANDRIDER in action!
Sandrider performing “The Corpse” at the Rendezvous, December 4th, 2010

Members of Sandrider are available for interviews.
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