Absolute Monarchs write-up in The Stranger’s CHBP 2011 guide

Here’s another blurb about the Absolute Monarchs. This time it comes from The Stranger’s Capitol Hill Block Party 2011 guide.

(Fri, 9:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage) If you’re not familiar with this band, let’s play a little game

. Read the names of the members out loud and see if you can guess what kind of music Absolute Monarchs play: Shawn Kock, Miki Sodos, Joel Schneider, and Mike Stubz. Those guttural and percussive names produce guttural and percussive music—scalding rock ‘n’ roll choruses, machine-gun drumming, adventures up and down the fret board (in fast, blues-based scales), and an ability to distill the majesty of a seven-minute anthem into a three-minute deluge. BRENDAN KILEY

Actual write-up can be viewed HERE or by picking up this week’s edition of The Stranger which includes a seperate print guide to CHBP 2011.

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