Good to Die and Absolute Monarchs in The Stranger’s Up and Coming Section

The Stranger’s music editor Grant Brissey wrote a show preview for the Absolute Monarchs’ show last Wednesday for the print and online editions of The Stranger’s weekly Up and Coming section that mentions Good to Die Records.

Check it out!

Absolute Monarchs, Spaceneedles, Eyes & Teeth, DJ Curtis

(Re-bar) As you may or may not have heard by now, fiery post-punkers Absolute Monarchs are readying a new record to shove into your ear holes. Of the three new tracks I’ve heard from the band, I’m getting a bit of a Monorchid vibe, which is high praise

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. The record is slated for a 2012 release on Nik Christofferson’s (aka Seattle Rock Guy) Good to Die startup label (which is also cutting a long-awaited Sandrider full-length). Spaceneedles are a new outfit including Thomas Wright (Grand Archives, Weirdlords, a million other bands), and Eyes & Teeth, with obviously THE BEST BAND NAME EVER, are another new outfit including Al Lendrick (Weirdlords) and Kelly Payne (See Me River, Weirdlords, a million other bands). In other words, get on this. GRANT BRISSEY

View the online version HERE!

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