Monogamy Party show preview in The Stranger

Monogamy Party unofficially kicks off their Fall tour tonight in Seattle at the Funhouse

. The Stranger’s Megan Seling is fond of the band as you may be able to tell from her show preview.

Monogamy Party, Mountainss, Karma Vision, Fuzzy Cloaks

(Funhouse) Congratulations to Monogamy Party! The local rock trio recently inked a deal with Good to Die Records (run by local music blogger Nik Christofferson of Seattle Rock Guy), and the band, which summons energy and sound comparable to These Arms Are Snakes and Karp, will release its debut in November. Stuff it in everyone’s stocking! Opening for MP tonight are fellow Seattleites Mountainss, who go where few rock bands dare: They have a saxophone player. The sax player doesn’t so much play the saxophone as freak out with it over Mountainss’ spazzy, wiry instrumental storms (they aptly describe it as “animalistic seizures of joy”), so don’t expect any oily-chested Lost Boys–inspired sax solos tonight. MEGAN SELING


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