Seattle band BROKAW signs with Good to Die Records, debut out in January

October 17th, 2011

Wishing you could time travel back to early-’90s Chicago and relive Touch & Go’s glory days, where all that rocked also clanged, spit, punched, and howled? Alas, the technology is still in progress for cosmic sojourns to the house that David Yow built, but stop-gap relief is here in the form of Brokaw. – Hannah Levin, Seattle Weekly

Good To Die Records has already proven itself to have its finger firmly on the pulse of the Seattle heavy music scene with its signings of such vital acts as Absolute Monarchs and Monogamy Party. You can consider that reputation solidified with the announcement that the label is geared up to release Interiors, the first album by the quartet known as BROKAW.

Led by Seattle rock lifers Stuart Dahlquist, Mike Henderson, Rick Troy, and Rich Medic, Brokaw is one of a breed of new groups that are paying heed to the mean, masculine sound of ’90s rock outfits like the Melvins and Hammerhead

. They meld that pounding attack with the rumble of drone metal like Sunn 0))) and the fury of hard rockers like Goatsnake (Dahlquist has spent time with both on stage or in the studio). Mix in the influences of freeform jazz a la Miles Davis in the ’70s and the winking post-punk of The Fall and you get a sound unlike any other in the heavy rock world today.

Their first full-length Interiors was recorded by Greg Norman (Pelican, Russian Circles) at Electrical Audio, the Chicago-based studio built and run by Steve Albini. A vital blast of fierce, literate rock, it’s a record that manages to bridge the sometimes cavernous divide between lovers of experimental, post-punk sounds and the fist pumping, devil horn flashing fans of metal.

Brokaw is:

Stuart Dahlquist – bass
Mike Henderson – vocals
Rick Troy – guitars
Rich Medic – drums

Good To Die Records is a new label created by Nik Christofferson, the man behind the metal/hard rock blog Seattle Rock Guy. One of the loudest voices in support of the NW music scene, Christofferson has been expanding his influence through the many local shows he helps organize – including a Noise For The Needy benefit that featured Akimbo, Wildildlife, Smooth Sailing, and Vultures 2012 – and spinning metal and punk at local bars and clubs. Through Good To Die, Christofferson handpicks the best acts in the NW underground rock scene, with releases both large and small…on vinyl, of course.

For a preview of “Interiors”, check out:

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