The Stranger: “Monogamy Party Drop a Rock on the Scales of Seattle’s Music Scene”

The Stranger published a glowing review of “Pus City” this week that features the single greatest opening line I have ever read. Big release show is tonight at Black Lodge. Starts at 9pm sharp.

Pus City
(Good to Die)

Pus City is a glorious gift bestowed on our city of pussies. While a hundred new indie-folk singer-songwriters pop up every week, we need a balance—it’s necessary for ALL OF US to stay in tune with the natural order of things; we need both sides to rise with equal strength and proportionate power. Since the Blood Brothers broke up, and both the Spits and Big Business left town, the scales have been tipped way too far into the soft fuzzy Santa beards of so many prancing troubadours

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. Formed only two years ago, Monogamy Party are here to readjust our local equilibrium with raw energy, fury, and their first EP. All within their first song, the Seattle noise-pileup trio traverses easily from KARP-heavy glory to a downright pensive Modest Mouse–type riff, to a godheadSilo dice-up section, back into KARP-style group-vocal send-up. Metal and punk fans have a new reason to wake up.


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