The Stranger: Noise for the Needy benefit show preview

The Stranger’s Brian Cook has this to say about Friday’s Noise for the Needy benefit featuring Absolute Monarchs, Brokaw, Monogamy Party:

Noise for the Needy Benefit: The Absolute Monarchs, Brokaw, Monogamy Party, Cold Lake

(Comet) If you ever lament the damage you’re inflicting upon your eardrums while listening to some dude beat the shit out of his drums while his partners in crime blare their guitars at 110-plus decibels, and while your liver fights a losing battle with that booze you’re sippin’ on as you watch, you can find solace in knowing that proceeds from tonight’s show go toward a good cause. And though you’re gonna put your body through a beating, at least you’re doing it to a quality soundtrack
Absolute Monarchs, Brokaw, and Monogamy Party belong to the clamorous roster of the fittingly named Good to Die Records. While not labelmates, Cold Lake share the other acts’ inclination toward unhealthy bouts of percussive brutality and guitar squall. Get your positive self-destruction on. BRIAN COOK


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