Seattle Weekly: How Two Self-Titled Albums Wound Up Atop My Local Year-End List

Nice little blurb about Sandrider on REVERB today. Also, Sandrider is reviewed in the new REVERB local music magazine which hit newsstands today. Pick one up wherever the Seattle Weekly is available.

Sandrider Sandrider Unlike Akimbo records, where there-bassist Jon Weisnewski hurls snarling low-end against Aaron Walters’ untamed guitar in an awesome, yet often dissonant display of aggression, Sandrider finds Weisnewski (who’s moved over to the guitar) coming together more often harmoniously with bassist Jesse Roberts (of Ruby Doe) to form a monumental wall of sound. It’s more pure electric volume than crunchy distortion-thrash, which is the root of their appeal: it’s like somebody fired up a smooth-running, yet monstrous twelve-cylinder muscle car and sent it barreling down the freeway (or mythical dune-field) at punishing speeds

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. It’s also worth mentioning that drummer Nat Damm (who also pounds the kit for Akimbo) is a badass in whichever arrangement he finds himself in. Sandrider currently lays claim to the loudest record–and live show–bar none in the city, and the result in both cases is pretty incredible.


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