Locals Only w/ Monogamy Party is now available to stream

If you missed Monogamy Party hanging on 107.7 The End’s Locals Only show back on January 22nd, you are in luck
The show has been archived and is now available to stream at the location below:


Here’s the sweet local music playlist the dudes made for the show:

Monogamy Party – “Never to Rise”
Mercy Ties – “Never to Rise”
MTNS – “Sun Dress Me”
Sandrider – “The Corpse”
Naomi Punk – “The Sun”
Great Falls – “Our Jaws Just Crawl”
Strong Killings – “Stupid Punk”
Constant Lovers – “Move”
Haunted Horses – “The Ivory Horns”
Black Elk – “Hospital”
Gaythiest – “Foreign Metal Translator”
Footwork – “Creatures”
Monogamy Party – “Pus City”
Don Peyote – “Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog”
Monogamy Party – “Covenant of Brothers”


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