Seattle band DEADKILL to release debut on Good to Die Records

Seattle band Deadkill signs with Good to Die Records, debut 7″ out May 22nd

In a world of self-important indie twaddlers and high-minded rockers, it’s a relief to hear someone talk about their band’s sound free of hyperbole and fluff. “I had a bunch of songs I had written with the idea that I wanted to start a straight ahead, two guitar attack punk band with a bit of a rock tinge,” says Deadkill guitarist Mike Stubz. Why tart it up any more than that? Because for Stubz, vocalist Bryan Krieger, guitarist Kirby Johnson, bassist Michael Loftus, and drummer Shawn Trudeau there’s no messing about. It’s simply strap in, crank up the volume, and explode.

That is the sound of the group’s debut, self-titled 7″ (out this spring on Good to Die Records)


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. The LP is four stripped down, no bullshit ragers in the style of vintage Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and The Germs. These four tracks are full-bore rabbit punches to the solar plexus. They’ll knock the wind right out of you, but you’ll be begging for more.

The strength of their sound comes, in part, thanks to the history that each member has with the Seattle rock and punk scene. All five are well-seasoned vets who know just what a song requires. Stubz mans the drums for fellow Good to Die band Absolute Monarchs. Johnson spent eight years shredding lead guitar with metal icons Himsa. Trudeau logged time behind the kit for pop-punkers The Meices and The Daves. And Loftus earned his stripes as bassist for local punks Whiskey Tango.

For the past year, Deadkill have been taking no prisoners on stages all over their hometown of Seattle, earning them coveted opening slots on shows with groups like OFF!, The Spits, The Hookers, and High On Fire. And as you might imagine, their live shows are as intense as their record. On stage they are explosive, frantic, electric, and loud. They aim to slay every time they play, and haven’t failed us yet.

The killer opening track from Deadkill called “Oh God Help You” is now available to stream on their Bandcamp page. Production for the music video, the first for Good to Die Productions, begins in mid-April.


Track List:

Side A:
1. Oh God Help You
2. 5150

Side B:
1. Outta My Head
2. Rip Off

Deadkill also have a number of notable local shows on the horizon as well as plans for touring the west coast and beyond later in the year:

April 12th at Neumos w/ Champagne Champagne and DJ Radjaw
April 21st at Comet Tavern w/ Absolute Monarchs, Constant Lovers, Murmurs
April 28th at Highline w/ Mares of Thrace, Ninth Moon Black, and Into the Storm
May 17th at Barboza w/ Grenades, Battle Stations, and Strap Straps — Record Release!

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