TONIGHT! Narrows, Retox, Great Falls and BRKW

BRKW opens for Narrows tonight at El Corazon. They go on super early at around 8:15pm. No fucking lollygagging tonight!

Show preview by Jake Weller of Seattle Rock Guy:

It will be quite the experience to experience this much experience in the same room on the same night! International mathy-hardcore supergroup, Narrows, features both Dave Verellen from Botch and Ryan Frederiksen from These Arms Are Snakes sounding like, well, Dave Verellen from Botch and Ryan Frederiksen from These Arms Are Snakes. In fact, all of the bands performing this Wednesday at El Corazon have stong sonic ties to their members’ former projects: Justin Pearson’s spazzy Retox are similarly as frenzied and driving as The Locust; Great Falls, featuring Shane and Demian from Playing Enemy, have somehow accelerated their velocitas into the depths of darkness with the addition of Jesu drummer, Phil Petrocelli; and ex-Hungry Crocodiles make up the vast majority of the funky, thump-blasting Brokaw roar collective. But don’t mistake this for a reunion show of nostalgic geezers for one second

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. Each one of these new incarnations have picked up from where they left off, learned from mistakes, refined and brought in different elements and enhancements, and are offering something fresh and (still) far ahead of their time. An easy pick for show of the week. Hell, show of the month. [NOTE: All-ages show, Brokaw starts promptly at 8pm!]

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