Good to Die Productions Presents: Deadkill – “Oh God Help You” (Official Video)

So without further adieu…the first Good to Die Productions joint is live!

Deadkill – “Oh God Help You” (Official Video) from Good to Die Records on Vimeo

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Good to Die Productions presents:

Deadkill – “Oh God Help You” (Official Video)

Kara O’Connor as the victim
Weirdo as himself

“Weirdo” screenplay by Jerry Howard

Produced by Jerry Howard and Nik Christofferson
Director Joe Jacobs
Editor Joe Jacobs
Director of Photography: Wes Johnson
Audio: Levi Seitz
Production Assistant: Mark Ostler
Production Assistant: Kat Hartwig
Craft Services: Stacy Hoffman
Handy Man and overall bad ass: Don “Chile” Ortega

Special thanks to Lacey Leavitt, Gravy Dave, and Chris Petty

Deadkill is:

Bryan Krieger
Michael Stubz
Kirby C. Johnson
Michael Loftus
Shawn Trudeau

Debut Deadkill 7″ available now at


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