Post-Capitol Hill Block Party Press Round-Up

Photo by Jason Tang

We had an excellent showing last weekend at Capitol Hill Block Party, and it was a great time! I’ve compiled a list of links of coverage and photos of the Absolute Monarchs, Sandrider, Deadkill performances in no particular order

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The Sun Break: Absolute Monarchs and Sandrider Podcast: Sandrider

Seattle Times: Deadkill

3 Imaginary Girls: Deadkill

The Stranger: Absolute Monarchs

Another Rainy Saturday: Sandrider

SSG Music: Sandrider

Guerrilla Candy: Deadkill

SSG Music: Absolute Monarchs

KEXP: Absolute Monarchs

107.7 The End: Absolute Monarchs—Day-Two-Capitol-Hill-Block-Party/11810657?pid=253870

Another Rainy Saturday: Deadkill

Invisible Hour Flickr: Monogamy Party and Brokaw

Seattle Weekly: Absolute Monarchs

Backbeat Seattle: Sandrider

KEXP: Absolute Monarchs

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