BROKAW opens for Red Fang this Friday at Neumos


Write-up on SRG by Jake Weller:

What hasn’t been said about Red Fang and Black Breath a thousand times by every rock journalist imaginable? If you are familiar with them, then you probably gave some extra plasma this week to afford a ticket to Neumos on Friday night. But here’s something many of you don’t know: 3/4 of local funky noisemakers, Brokaw, once comprised an equal majority in the super-charged, over-the-top Hungry Crocodiles. This was way back in the day when Seattle was developing the sound that would quickly go on to capture the ears of the World. Though they were briefly signed to a major label during the massive band grab of the early-‘90s and played shows with all of the big names that launched out of this city quickly after – often leaving hundreds hanging in lines outside sold out venues – some would say that they never received the recognition they deserved. Part of this may be because they stood apart from the “grunge” bands by retaining somewhat of a party vibe mixed in with their edgy groove and don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. People like to mope around here, what can you do? Twenty years later – after splitting off into many different projects that ran the genre gamut from hip hop to stoner metal and everything in-between – they reunited to create a heavier, noisier version of the same maniacal vision they had in their youth. In many ways, they still stand apart from everything that is going on currently. They’ve never compromised their sound to fit in (hell, bassist G. Stuart Dahlquist’s work in seminal doom metal band, Burning Witch, is a testament to how much these guys care about outside evaluation of their art), but goddamn if they don’t make some catchy shit

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. Their mixture of stoicism and belligerence onstage is a good reflection of the funky (as in strange) aggression all of their tunes possess. See them open for a couple metal bands and wonder aloud what the hell they’re doing there, just before acknowledging that you will definitely check them out again.

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