Seattle Weekly: With Stealth Beats, Gaytheist Continues Good to Die Records’ Recent Hot Streak

Seattle Weekly ran this very positive review of Gaytheist’s “Stealth Beats” on Reverb last week. Look for it in print in the September issue as well.

Gaytheist, Stealth Beats
Out now, Good to Die

Portland trio Gaytheist undoubtedly gets a lot of attention for its name, which, depending on your tolerance for horrible puns, is either inane, hilarious, or both. Luckily, on Stealth Beats, the music is able to outshine the goofy moniker, even if titles like “Post Apocalyptic Lawsuit” and “Can’t Go to Mecca (Favorite Show Is On)” might suggest otherwise. The band’s third album splits the difference between sludgy pop-punk numbers and heavier post hardcore-inspired tunes, and it marks another solid release for Good to Die, which has quietly snapped up a diverse roster of Northwest punk and metal talent (or at least we seem to think so–see here, here, and here)

Stealth Beats is streaming on Gaytheist’s Bandcamp. Hear midalbum highlight “Hand Holder” after the jump.


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