RABBITS “Flexihead” release on Friday


This Friday November 23 (record store day!) will be the official release of RABBITS “Flexihead,” a limited-run flexi postcard (yes, you read that right) of their back-to-back covers of Minor Threat’s “Straight Edge” and Black Flag’s “Wasted,” a one-two combination of old-school classics whipped out for special live shows during the last few years. Sure, the edge may have grown dull, but life has only gotten less so! Come see RABBITS this Friday at The Know in Portland and pick up a few to harass your old hardcore friends by mail this holiday season. Sioux and Flesh Lawn open. Starts early, ends early
Black(out) Friday!

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/294165607360342/

End Hits: http://endhits.portlandmercury.com/endhits/archives/2012/11/20/this-is-why-i-love-rabbits

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