Rabbits Interviewed on Confinement Loaf

The fine folks from Confinement Loaf, a metal/psych radio show on KUOI, Moscow, ID interviewed Rabbits at their recent Spokane tour stop. The station has also taken a liking to a few other Good to Die acts as you can see from the playlist below. Rock and roll!

KUOI Playlist for 11/5/2012

Top Albums (Artist / Title / Label)

1. Dog Shredder / Brass Tactics / Good To Die Records
2. Rabbits / Bites Rites / Good To Die Records
3. Brokaw / Interiors / Good to Die Records
4. Aranya / Sampler / Independent
5. Big Scary / Vacation / Independent
6. Grizzly Bear / Shields / Warp Records
7. Niki And The Dove / Instinct / Sub Pop Records
8. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros / Here / Vagrant

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. Dum Dum Girls / End of Daze / Sub Pop Records
10. Pinback / Information Retrieved / Temporary Residence

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