Malt Ball 2013 featuring Gaytheist’s “Pink Pentagram Pale Ale”


Beer + Bands = Ball!

What happens when you put together the two best things in the world: delicious beer and rocking bands? You get the second annual Malt Ball, a daylong fest that celebrates the staggering abundance of terrific music in our city AND the finest craft breweries that the Portland area has to offer
Your pals at the Mercury have paired with Oregon Craft Beer to bring you the best-sounding beer festival in town, or the best-tasting music fest—whichever way you want to look at it. Twelve great bands! Lots of amazing, one-of-a-kind beers! Not to oversell it, but this year’s Malt Ball will probably be the greatest day of your life.

Saturday February 2nd (2pm) at Wonder Ballroom (Portland, Oregon)

$15 (1ST SHOWCASE 2pm – 7pm – package includes music showcase, 4 tasting tokens & Commemorative mug) Featuring: Caleb Klauder Country Band, Old Light, Hausu, Marty Marquis, Blood Beach, Street Nights

$15 (2ND SHOWCASE 7:30pm – Midnight – package includes music showcase 4 tasting tokens & Commemorative mug) Featuring: Radiation City, Sons of Huns, And And And, Gaytheist, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Divers
$25 All Day Pass (Package includes admission to both music showcases, 8 tasting tokens & Commemorative mug).

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Radiation City
Caleb Klauder Country Band
And And And
Sons of Huns
Old Light
Wooden Indian Burial Ground
Marty Marquis
Street Nights


Alameda Brewing
Base Camp Brewing
Breakside Brewery
Bridgeport Brewing
Burnside Brewing
Cascade Brewing
Coalition Brewing
Crux Fermentation Project
Deschutes Brewery
Double Mountain Brewery
Falling Sky Brewing
Fort George Brewery
Full Sail Brewing
Gigantic Brewing
Gilgamesh Brewing
Hopworks Uban Brewerie
Lompoc Brewing
McMenamins Crystal Brewery
Migration Brewing
Oakshire Brewing
Old Market Pub & Brewery
Ninkasi Brewing
Portland Brewing
Portland U-Brew
Solera Brewery
Widmer Brothers Brewing

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