See Constant Lovers at Chop Suey on Thursday

Constant Lovers are set to wreck faces this Thursday at Chop Suey. It’s a really strong bill from start to finish. Lots of new songs to preview!

The Stranger thinks you should go too:

Kithkin, Constant Lovers, Pleasureboaters, Edie Sedgwick

(Chop Suey) I don’t care how hungry you are, there is not a single band on this bill you should miss even a second of. After working up a sweat during Edie Sedgwick’s (of Dischord Records!) dance punk and Pleasureboaters’ raucous set, those Rancho Bravo nachos will be calling your name, and you’ll probably think that you can run down the hill and be back in time for Constant Lovers, but DO NOT RISK IT. Every band on this bill is incredible in different ways, and to miss even a moment would be foolish. Constant Lovers’ show is even more commanding now that they’re armed with Helms Alee’s Ben Verellen on drums, and Kithkin’s tribal percussion party often ends in the entire audience getting onstage and partaking in the music-making. Rancho Bravo is open until midnight. Nachos can wait


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