MONOGAMY PARTY shares details of new album + new song “Crimes”


Some things just get better when they get bigger. For example, you thought Monogamy Party as a trio was good, wait until you get a whiff of these boys as a quartet. The core, original lineup of Kennedy (vocals), Yos-wa (bass), and Keith (drums), has now been injected with a new strain of bristling white-hot energy via their newest addition, guitarist Ricky.

And if you thought the band’s 2011 debut 10″ Pus City was, as the Seattle Weekly put it, “a gritty, well-crafted noise rock wonderland,” then brace yourself for False Dancers, the Party’s full-length monster that’s being released into the wild on September 17th.

The 10 song LP was recorded earlier this year in Granite Falls – the meth capitol of Washington State – with the help of Austin Thomason (Jeremy Enigk, Pleasureboaters) and his mobile Mt. Plyushkin Studios. Together, these five gents created the kind of sweat-soaked, drug-fueled racket that will keep your head buzzing for days.

The first taste of False Dancers, “Crimes,” was just released on SoundCloud and is available to stream right now.

Monogamy Party‘s next live show is Friday July 26th as part of the stellar line-up of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party. Record release shows and a fall tour are currently being plotted.


Artist: Monogamy Party
Album: False Dancers
Label: Good to Die Records
Release Date: September 17th, 2013
Format: LP / Digital

Track list:

1. Blank Stare
2. Crimes
3. Ordinary Things
4. Ashamed
5. Wasted Time
6. Walls
7. Show and Tell
8. Blood is Blood

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. Terrible Mistake
10. Cold Machine

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