Monogamy Party Record Release Show on Saturday!

The Stranger says:

Monogamy Party, Gaytheist, Haunted Horses, Prism Tats

(Chop Suey) I’m shocked that the world didn’t implode when Monogamy Party added Pleasureboaters’ main guitar shredder Ricky Claudon to the mix earlier this year. Claudon’s six-stringed spasms brought an even more exhilaratingly unpredictable element to Monogamy Party’s already craggy sonic fits—it is the most perfect pairing

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. Tonight Monogamy Party, now a foursome, celebrate the release of their debut full-length, False Dancers. It’s an album that seems to be trying really hard to make the listener physically uncomfortable—gut-rattling bass lines and relentlessly piercing guitars stab and shake you to the core while wily vocalist Kennedy Carda spouts out lines like “Take one look around the room/Nobody wants you!” It’s punishing, yes, but it’s just too good to leave be. MEGAN SELING


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