Gaytheist releases “Live from the Banana Stand”


“Post-hardcore punk rock band Gaytheist took the stage at Banana Stand’s Halloween show to give the raucous crowd a taste of their hard-hitting sound. Seattle Music Insider described the band as, “the air of the 80’s hardcore explosion, fused with chunky riffs adopted from modern hardcore, accompanied by singing styles that range from beautifully clean blasts to trashy, throat-tearing screams. The tonal quality of both the bass and guitar are perfectly dialed in, and share the weight of the fuzzy doom corralled by the thunderous, and ably-placed percussive whacks.”

For the first time, you can now re-live the band’s landmark set with the release of the show’s live recordings.”

CD and digital downloads available HERE!

Special thanks and kudos to Banana Stand Media for this release and all their hard work!


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