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Good to Die Records is proud to announce the addition of BLOOD DRUGS to the family

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Featuring guitarist Shawn Kock, formerly of the Absolute Monarchs, as well as Thomas Burke, Kyle Bradford, and Gwen Stubbs, BLOOD DRUGS has compiled a musical sound in the likes of bands such as Rites of Spring, The Monorchid, Hot Snakes, and Jawbreaker and is already being championed by local independent radio station KEXP and former 107.7 The End DJ Marco Collins.

BLOOD DRUGS‘ debut full length album will be out spring of 2015 on vinyl + digital formats.

You can hear a demo version of album track “Lowest” at the link below.

BLOOD DRUGS‘ next show will be a live television taping of “Band in Seattle” on December 3rd at Victory Studios in Seattle.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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