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Like all good punk songs, when Deadkill starts writing, the edict, according to guitarist Michael Stubz, is simple: “Trim the fat.”

“Are we getting to Point A to Point B as efficiently as we can? A lot of songs are so much more complicated than they should be. I just want Deadkill to be like a buzzsaw.”

If you’ve been lucky enough to hear this Seattle quintet’s debut 7″, you already know that they’ve accomplished that little mission handily. But what was once the sound of a nice table saw has on the band’s debut full-length been blown up to the size of an industrial-strength tree-feller.

Recorded with the mighty Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Russian Circles, Sandrider) at his Red Room Recording in Seattle, No, Never! is as unfuckwithable a punk statement as you’re likely to hear this year. The 14 songs are no frills, no bullshit blows against evils both internal and external. Along the way, the band sets itself among the pantheon of other modern punk greats like Ceremony, Fucked Up, and Trash Talk.

No, Never! is also a further expression of how Deadkill is becoming a cohesive unit from the single-minded attack of its music to all sharing in the songwriting duties. Everything Deadkill puts its collective back to comes out sounding as furious, sweaty, and spiky as ever.

The buzzing saw that is Deadkill is attracting plenty of attention around the Pacific Northwest and up and down the West Coast, where the band has shared the stage with White Lung, OFF!, High on Fire, and The Spits. Now, it’s time for the rest of the world to sit up and take it. [RH]



“…it’s time to rage, and this record provides the ultimate sounds to let off some steam.” – VERBICIDE MAGAZINE

“It’s raging, it’s in-your-face and it’s all over before you know it.” – SEATTLE WEEKLY

“[Deadkill’s] raucous blend of hardcore with straight rock music demands to be heard in close proximity to others, preferably with the heat turned up and bodies thudding against one another while vocalist Bryan Krieger screams at us like a crazy pastor. – SU-SPECTATOR

“The sweat filled pile up of chaos and debauchery are helping me release some much needed tension today.” – OUT FOR STARDOM

“The Seattle based quintet has written some seriously rippin’ and ferocious tunes, not to mention they are one of the best live bands in the city. You need a little Deadkill in your life, trust me…” – SEATTLE ROCK GUY